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Thank you for visiting the Evilangelist project page.

We are thrilled to share our vision and assets for this True Crime Docu-series involving one of the biggest Televangelists to fleece the flocks in the last 5 decades.

Everything is unfolding now, real-time, right before our eyes.

Meet Pastor Norman Quintero (our partner and our David in this David vs Goliath story), a community pastor who ended up in the middle of the greed, deceit and sexual deviancy that is becoming the legacy of one of the most recognizable faces in televangelism, Benny Hinn...

We are looking for a production partner to help us tell the story.

Click below to view our trailer

Exclusive Project Assets

As this is a live, ongoing battle, we have exclusive access and control of:


  • All depositions that were conducted over the last 2 years and as recent as June 2023.

  • We have the contents of the smoking gun laptop that contains over 300 documents, NDA's, Hush money agreements, etc.

  • We have lined up interviews with past employees, victims and family members who were all involved and privy to the craziness.


CLICK HERE for the project deck

Thank you for your interest,

Marc Gold                                  Todd Slater

Fresh Cats                                  Convoke Media

949-279-4488                            310-466-5921      

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