Films in Development

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The Human Fly

Directors:  TBD

Screenwriter:  Tony Babinski

Genre:  Action biopic


Desperate to escape the family sausage business, a young man risks everything he has in order to back a mysterious stuntman who turns out to be more of a con man. (Inspired by true events.)


Directors:  TBD

Screenwriter:  Julian Brantley & Alexander Storm

Genre:  Horror, comedy


The 33rd St. Deadboyz' neighborhood is being gentrified, but the white people moving in are 200 year old vampires set on controlling the population and taking the inner city for themselves.

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The All Stars

Directors:  TBD

Screenwriter:  Alec Sokolow

Genre:  Buddy comedy


"THE ALL-STARS" will be a high energy in-your-face buddy comedy that follows the lives of two very unlikely and unwilling partners - a mid-20's ex-con street sneakerhead and a mid-70's prickly ex-cop - as they race against time and demented, obsessive sneakerhead collectors to bring the very first pair of 1929 Chuck Taylor Converse All-Stars to Sneakercon and in the process uncover the secret truth of their own lives. It's gotta be the shoes. 

Unlikely Heroes,
the men & women who saved Israel

Directors:  Jeff Hoffman

Screenwriter:  Alec Sokolow

Genre:  Documentary


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